I like playing the drums, I like being part of a feeling shared with other musicians, to feel that everything works and generates emotion that only those who attended the stages of once upon a time can understand.
Mauro Giorgeschi


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Who I am

Mauro Giorgeschi, born in 1966, began self-taught playing the drums at the age of 14. Later on as a student at the "Stix" Drum School in Perugia with teacher Marco Pellegrini tackling the technical aspect of the instrument as the rudiments of the drum, the solfège rhythm, the coordination and the independence of the art. Subsequently he attended an instrumental course for two years with the drummer Lanfranco Fornari (Gino Paoli, Luca Carboni, Teresa De Sio and many other artists with whom he collaborated) focussing on topics concerning work associated with the recording studio, for example the quality of sound, the metronome beat, the drum specific microphones etc.
Mauro later studied for approximately three years with the drummer Fabrizio Sferra, one of the leading Italian and European jazz drummers, here he covered the swing language of the American tradition and the art of playing the instrument in the "contemporary" fashion, in particular the role of rhythm when played as part of a trio, the piano, double bass and drums.

During the last thirty years during which he has progressed from being a student to a professional, there have been many opportunities to broaden his horizons related to music and improve upon his technical instrumental skills thanks to his participation in numerous internships and master classes carried out across a wide span of the country held by world-class artists (see the Stage and Master class page).

Not forgetting the important experiences Mauro has related to festivals and concerts in many theatres across central and northern Italy and the participation in the production of records.

For many years his artistic activity has been accompanied by an intense educational activity in different areas across the province of Perugia. In 2011 Mauro published "Metodo di Batteria vol.1" for the Stix drum school, in which the basic themes of approach with regard to the instrument, from the hands solfège rhythm basic technique to the typical rhythms of rock-funk-blues language (see educational activities and schools) are discussed.
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